Government News: Week of May 20th

Government News: Week of January 16th

Hollywood Commission enters into purchase and sale agreement for the former Sunset Golf Course.

Following a long and difficult process, the Hollywood Commission entered into a purchase and sale agreement for the former Sunset golf course property located at 2727 Johnson St. during the May 20th Commission meeting.

The seller is listed as Richgreens LP.

The money for the purchase is coming from the General Obligation Bond which was approved on March 12, 2019.

The Commission voted to contract with the sellers of the former golf course for $12 million. The due diligence period is 120 days and the City is indemnified. The closing is dependent on the seller’s compliance with the terms and conditions of the Purchase and Sale Agreement and the irrevocable closure of all violations.

The property, which is about 45 acres, is slated for development as a nature preserve and passive public park space.

The Hollywood Commission agreed to some major purchases at a recent meeting:

  • Commissioners agreed to a resolution to allow city leaders to renew an agreement with Circuit Transit, formally known as The Free Ride, for circulator services under the same terms and conditions for an estimated annual amount of $885,360.
  • Commissioners agreed to a resolution for a blanket purchase order with Sierra-Cedar for citywide Oracle Managed Services for an initial term of two years with two one year renewals with an estimated annual amount not to exceed $400,000.
  • Commissioners approved a resolution to issue a blanket purchase order with Craig A. Smith and Associates for the renewal of the original blanket purchase order for underground utility location services in an estimated amount of $420,000.
  • Commissioners agreed to a resolution to issue a purchase order to Duval Ford for the purchase of a single turner valve maintenance trailer in the amount of $65,875 and the operational accessories for the single turner valve in the amount of $1,537 for the total cost of $67,412.
  • Commissioners agreed to a resolution to proceed with Arcadis U.S. to provide professional engineering service for the Emergency Response Plan 2020 update.

Property near City Hall Circle to be developed as townhomes and apartments

The Hollywood Commission agreed to sell a parcel of land at 2717 Van Buren St. to Prestigia Real Estate for about $1.2 million.

The developer plans to build 15 townhomes and a building with 63 apartments. The property will be a high-end development.

The development process will take about two years.

The property is located near the Hollywood City Circle and is now used for parking.

Hollywood sells land at 1600 South Park Road to developer

During a recent meeting, the Hollywood Commission agreed to sell 23 acres of city-owned property at 1600 South Park Road to Park Road Development for $3,240,500.

The property is considered a Brownfield site and will have to be cleaned up and remediated before it can be developed. At one time the property was an uncontrolled landfill and incinerator ash dump. The goal of the redevelopment includes creating quality architecture, creating jobs, and having a development that benefits the community.

The development plans include 315 multifamily units and retail development — including a major retailer or grocery store with 40,000 square feet, 25,000 square feet for five or six smaller retail stores, and 3,000 to 6,000 square feet for a convenience store or gas station.

The City of Hollywood public works facility will remain on the site, but it will be rebuilt to include updated office space and workshops.  

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