Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Public K-12 Schools Will Not Reopen This Academic Year

Governor Ron DeSantis announces that public K-12 schools will not reopen this academic year

Public school students will not be returning to their class rooms this school year. During a conference in Tallahassee on April 18, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that students will continue to do their academic work remotely through online technology.

DeSantis said that there have been differing opinions on whether or not students should return to their classrooms. Some parents have said they don’t want their children in classrooms while others have faced difficulties and want their children to return to school. DeSantis said online education has been working reasonably well. Earlier DeSantis had discussed having students return to school before the end of the year.

Also, DeSantis participated in an opening event at a testing center at the Urban League of Broward County. He said that Florida is committed to testing people for the coronavirus.

At the conference he announced that Florida now has 100 new computer servers to deal with the large increase of unemployment claims that have been filed online. The unemployment system has been unable to handle the large number of unemployment claims because of the COVID-19 crisis.

DeSantis said Florida is now waiving the requirements for people who have requested unemployment assistance to look for work and to recertify eligibility on a two-week basis.  

Many Florida residents who have lost their positions because of COVID-19 restrictions have struggled to access the unemployment system.

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