Great Neighborhoods Challenge II winners announced

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The Hollywood Great Neighborhoods Challenge (GNC) II wrapped up with an awards ceremony at the Fred Lippman Multi-Purpose Center. The GNC II was held to encourage people to improve the properties and enhance curb appeal.

People who had worked hard to improve their properties got together to socialize and recognized people and families who made especially significant improvements to their homes and businesses. The Driftwood, Lawn Acres and Hollywood Lakes neighborhoods had a least 25 participants and their first, second and third place winners and runner-ups were recognized. The other neighborhoods had fewer participants and people who lived in those neighborhoods participated in the At-Large Category.

Christopher and Karen Petrillo received first place and $2,500 for the Driftwood neighborhood. “We pressure cleaned and painted and we put up new fencing. We mulched our yard and planted flowers. It was a lot of hard work but it is nice to win,” said Christopher Petrillo.

Michael Spiering and Christina DaSilva received first place for the improvements they made to their Hollywood Lakes home. “It was a lot of work. We painted the house, put on new siding and put in new landscaping. We also planted trees,” said Christina DaSilva.

Carlos and Anna Llanos received first place for their Lawn Acres home. “We did a lot of landscaping, painted the house, put on new doors and windows and put in a new driveway,” said Carlos Llanos.

Faby Moreno was a first place winner in the At-Large category. Commissioner Peter Hernandez and Jeisse Hernandez won a first place in the At-Large category. “We did a lot work on property. We worked on the roof, windows and doors and we did a lot of landscaping,” said Peter Hernandez.

Those who came in second received $1,000 and those who came in third received $500. People who received runner-up received gift certificates.  

The Driftwood, Hollywood Lakes and Lawn Acres neighborhoods submitted plans for improvements that were judged as among the top three. They will receive up to $25,000 from the City to make their plans reality.

The Lawn Acres Civic Association will hold an art contest for fifth grade students at Orange Brook Elementary School. The winner will have his or her work displayed on vinyl wrappers of utility boxes. Cross walks will be painted with a checker design and improvements will be made to the entryways.

The Driftwood Civic Association agreed to spend about $20,000 to improve the dog park at John Williams Park. The remaining money will go toward outreach efforts to encourage more people to participate in the Civic Association.

The Hollywood Lakes neighborhood will have improvements made to recreation areas and entry way signs. The neighborhood will receive more benches.

The neighborhoods will receive support from the City’s engineers and public works department to execute the plans submitted by civic association leaders. Up to $25,000 will be provided by the City for each project.  

The GNC II encouraged people to work in their yards and homes. Photos of the properties before work was begun and after it was completed were submitted and judged. Many of the homes that were part of the contest are now very attractive. 













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