Green Team Advisory Committee proposes regulations to enhance Hollywood's tree canopy

Green team advisory committee proposes regulations to enhance hollywood's tree canopy

At a recent commission meeting, Hollywood’s Green Team Advisory Committee proposed an amendment to tree regulations in the City as current code has fallen below county standards lagging behind other cities.

The Green Team wants modified and more flexible requirements for replacement trees to encourage better tree canopy. They propose maintaining larger specimen trees with diameters of 18 inches or more, with an emphasis on improving the quality of trees used for replacement and special treatment for trees of significance.

The proposal would require planting larger trees as replacement canopy trees when trees are removed under city permit process. Because there is currently no distinction between species and non-species trees, there is a loss of good tree canopy in Hollywood.

Also, there would be a concerted effort to preserve trees of significance including very large trees, older trees and trees known as Champion Trees.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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