Group expresses interest in developments at Sunset, Orangebrook


There is some possible interest in developing the property that is now occupied by the Orangebrook Golf and Country Club. A development group has expressed an interest in making an unsolicited P3 proposal. A P3 is a public/private partnership between the city and a private entity. Currently, there are 36 holes of golf on the Orangebrook Golf Course. The City has development opportunities at a number of sites throughout the City.

The Sunset Golf Course is privately owned property. The owners came to the pre-application meeting, where they said they are potentially interested in creating a recreational sports park. It would include an obstacle course, bicycle trails, laser tag, paint ball and other activities. Their next step would be to submit a proposal to the Technical Advisory Committee. All developers must go in front of this Committee. The property is zoned for recreation and the developer has the zoning to put in a sports complex.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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