Guy Pagan (a Salute to Hollywood’s 92)

Pagan, the newly elected Commander of American Legion Post 92, is a renaissance
man—a soldier and an artist. Guy is also a man whose vision and verve has
transformed the 92 in a few short months.

once smoky haunt is now smoke-free and has been refurbished and remodeled
(there’s even Wi-Fi). Of course there’s still Bingo and Karaoke nights but now
there’s also a steady roster of live entertainment, as well as a host of programs for
younger veterans (whether rehabilitation/readjustment or job fairs geared for
employment opportunities).

92 is one of the only places you’re going to find a World War II vet seated
next to an African American vet from the Afghanistan campaign—both drinking
from the same bottle!” Guy stated, with a great amount of pride.

sense of duty to the “troops” did not diminish after twenty-six years of
service (earning the rank of First Sergeant). He envisions the 92 as far more
than simply a bar—more a social club with a conscience—he has a deep desire to
help his fellow vets in myriad of situations facing both the young and the old.

I wanted
to know about his artistic roots and Guy was quick to provide the back-story.

been painting since childhood but my artistic endeavors took a more disciplined
turn in high-school. I received many awards and accolades including a Silver
Knight award—I was fairly prodigious as an illustrator, painter and muralist.

high-school I received a 2-year scholarship to the Art Institute in Fort
Lauderdale. I enlisted in the Army to subsidize and continue my education. Once
I completed college I became a full-time military-man—I never looked back.

didn’t abandon my artistic ambitions, however. In fact I carried a sketch pad
in my duffle bag—it went with me everywhere.

fellow soldiers knew of my skill and admired me for it, but it was all very low
key until Captain Kinder happened to discover my talent. Before I knew it I was
painting murals at bases from Germany to Korea.”

his new position as Commander of the 92, Guy beams.

feel a great debt to my fellow veterans and the community at large. For our
family we offer programs—outreach, assistance and a place to relax and share
stories with kindred spirits. For the community we encourage Scout Troop car
washes, host high school singing groups—I welcome community advancement with
open arms.”

Legion Post 92 is a paradise of paradox—on any given day you may hear a bagpipe
dirge honoring a fallen mate and then, that very same evening, hear the wail of
a saxophone as folks dance the night away.

American Legion Post is a blessed spot—please salute the 92…

(Addendum: I’d like to add my sincere thanks
for the honor of having the privilege to imbibe and integrate at the 92. I
assure you, my heart skips a beat each and every time I glance at the banner which
reads “It’s not the price you pay to be a member. It’s the price you paid to be

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