HBBA president recommends moving forward on Scott Street Hotel project

Members of the Hollywood Beach Business Association saw a presentation Jan. 29th on the proposed Scott Street Hotel project on Hollywood Beach. The plans include an 83 suite, boutique hotel with 500 square foot rooms that will include a refrigerator and a microwave.

The landowners have 90 percent of the area of Scott Street to Missouri Street from Broadwalk to AIA and two lots on the Intracoastal. Deco Hotel has the balance of the land. Plans have the area east of Surf Road to the Broadwalk for hotel guest amenities including a type of hot dog stand. The first floor will be a valet parking garage for hotel guests and retail around the perimeter. The hotel rooms will begin above garage level and go up. It will be a six story building with a “U shape” design and an interior atrium.

The developer VVG Real Estate Investments, LLC has chosen Hollywood-based Joseph Kaller as the project architect.

The project must go through three stages before permitting. It will need to be approved by the Commission, the Planning and Development Board and the Building Department. The developers of the hotel are asking for 22 rooms from the beach hotel pool. This area is zoned commercial with residential zoning to the north and south.

It is recommended that the hotel project is the best use for this property, according to Debra Case, president of the Hollywood Beach Business Association.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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