‘History of Chivalry’ Group Fosters Fun, Friendships with Medieval-Style Fighting

History of Chivalry at Renaissance Festival

Donning Renaissance-era armor, History of Chivalry members recently presented real combats where the participants fight to the draw at the Florida Renaissance Festival. Because of the armor, they are well protected and no one really gets hurts.

History of Chivalry at Renaissance Festival
The group trains at TY Park in Hollywood and welcomes anyone who likes strenuous fighting in the late medieval style.

History of Chivalry members meet on weekends at TY Park and train in old-style combat. They learn the basics of fighting with armor, shields and swords.

Participants say it is like playing a contact sport. The fights are to the draw, meaning the person who gets too exhausted to continue fighting loses.

The competition is real and so are the friendships. Both men and women compete and they are good friends on and off the field.

Steven Janus said, “I love being a part of the History of Chivalry. I enjoy the competition and I have made friends here,” he said.

Jonathan Winklbauer also loves the competition and said. “I enjoy the fights. It is a lot of fun.”

Joel Chalkley said, “It enjoy participating the fights. It helps me burn off stress.”

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