Community Enhancement Collaboration Distributes 60,000 Pounds of Thanksgiving Food to Washington Park Community

Holiday food distribution event at Washington Park Community Center

Nadine McCrea has a real passion for helping the Washington Park Community. She has been a community activist in Hollywood for decades, and has organized events and programs to help individuals and families in the community.

She is founder of the Community Enhancement Collaboration (CEC).

McCrea and members of the CEC hosted the Holiday Food Distribution event at the Washington Park Community Center. Civic and faith organizations as well as city leaders came together to help distribute food to families and individuals. Families received canned goods, baskets of produce, and various personal items. There was a distribution of turkey and ham. McCrea said that about 60,000 pounds of food was distributed to people in the community.

“I want everyone in the community to be able to have a Thanksgiving. For some families, the food they receive here will make it possible to have a good Thanksgiving meal,” said McCrea.

During the distribution, McCrea and various volunteers were enthusiastic and created a positive atmosphere.

Antoinette Mulai, a minister with the Impact Church of South Florida loved helping distribute food. She came with members of the church. “We want to serve members of the community and this is a way for us to do it,” she said. “We’re glad to be here.”

Commissioner Caryl Shuham was distributing baskets of produce. “I want to help people in the community. I am happy to be part of this event.”

Commissioner Linda Sherwood said,  “I want to make sure everyone in this community gets to have a Thanksgiving dinner.”

McCrea and members of the CEC are active in helping people in the Washington Park community.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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