Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science students 9th annual exhbit open through April at ArtsPark

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Middle school students from Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science (HAAS) are currently displaying their talents at the 9th Annual HAAS Middle School Art Exhibition. The exhibition, “Young Artists: Power of Expression,” is now open through the end of the month at the ArtsPark Gallery on Young Circle.

“This is no regular art exhibit,” explained Raquel Baglino.  “Middle school students worked with Grammy winning musicians as well as renowned author and Holocaust survivor, Bernard Mayer. This is part of the Art Master Series where art masters mentor the students taking from their personal time to take the students on their life journey.” 

An opening reception was held on Thursday, April 2 for the exhibition comprised of a year-long study of art work by HAAS art students under the direction of art teacher, Hilary Fine.

“The exhibition selection was by Peer Judges through artist a formal critique and selection process that students have refined as part of their studies,” said Fine. “Additional thanks and acknowledgment goes out to our support educators and volunteers, Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science, Charter Schools USA, ArtsPark Gallery and staff, the City of Hollywood and the Hollywood community.”

The evening was hosted by the exhibiting art students and further enriched by performing art masters and mentors: visual artist Daniel Pontet and Grammy winning musicians Federico Britos and Thomas McWilliams. Also performing were guest musicians Jeffrey Lee, William Jones, Rosemary Cipolla, and HAAS students. A special guest appearance was be made by renowned author and Holocaust survivor, Bernard Mayer.

During their course of study, HAAS students were introduced to advanced training within the visual arts as they artistically interpreted the theme “Never Again” as they encompass the journey of author/survivor Bernard Mayer in his book “Entombed”. “Never Again” gave these young artists a voice about real world issues as they discussed their understanding with Mayer through the Art Master Series – students working alongside professional artists.

Middle school art students then advanced into a multi-curriculum project as they participated in the Florida Radon Poster Contest which integrated Art and Science.

Students researched Radon and its dangers, transitioning to the creation of an awareness poster for the Florida contest.

This competition resulted in HAAS art student Alexei Kiyan winning First Place, Maria Kuraeva winning Second Place, and Leticia Coelho winning Third Place for the entire state of Florida. Representatives from the Florida Department of Health honored students at the HAAS Science Fair in January and will also mada an appearance at the exhibit opening.

Other works of art and winning competition pieces represent the advancements students have made at the month-long ArtsPark Gallery Exhibition.

The public is invited to view the exhibition throughout the month of April at the ArtsPark Gallery – a professional gallery owned by the City of Hollywood in the Visual Arts Pavilion at ArtsPark. Admission is free.

For more information, contact Hilary Fine at Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science (954) 925-6404 or hfine@hollywoodcharter.org.


8th Grade Art Majors

Izabela Almaleh
Khameron Auerbach
Megan Berube
Brian Burton
Sebastian Caceda
Laura Chmielewski
Leticia Coelho
Kyle Cochran
Zona Desouza
Mya Fernandez
William Garzon
Hadassa Guilliume
Alexei Kiyan
Maria Kuraeva
Lucas Leanza
Beijette Marinelli
Bryan Matute
Paulina Ochoa-Barrios
Michael Olowu
Kevin Perez
Carlo Serrano
Kasandra Tio


7th Art Grade Majors

Yadiel Ayala 
Laila Benotmane 
Raquel Castillo 
Elina Chaus
Paula Chemyy
Yeva Chupryna
Leticia Coelho
Crhistian Encarnacion
Lea Encarnacion
Gabriella Gilbert
Julia Gillman
Analee Hyacinthe
Johannah Ingram
Jirolna Joseph
Demarion Lafortune
Susan Lopez
Marcelous Morgan
Leilani Perez-Abreu
Matisse Rabiller
Adrianna Rivera
Stephanie Salgado
Danett Sepulveda
Giuliano Siliquini
Ece-Far Srisomsak
Brian Symonette
Colton Thom
Josed Vasquez
Arianna Zambrano


6th Grade Art Majors

Priscilla Badau
Liam Becraft
Janie Bohus
Manuel Camacho
Salvatore Caniglia
Moses Diaz
Victoria Destouches
Charlotte Fieffe
Alyssa Greenspan
Kassandra Hernandez
Simone Kessler
Daylin Lopez
Caleb Lunkins
Diego Maglione
Marcus McKie II
Ryan Mella
Anthony Mendez
Gianna Nazario
Fabianna Nicholson
Julianna Nicholson
Gabriel Palmer
Victoria Rowe
Yana Royter
Mateus Santos
Gian Sepulveda
Dasha Vorozhtsova
Eden Znaty

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