Student art exhibit on display throughout April at ArtsPark Gallery


Stephanie Salgado has a passion for drawing and art. An eighth grader at the Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science (HAAS), her first-place work is now on display throughout the month of April in the 10th annual student art exhibition put on by the HAAS middle school art students. This year’s show is called “Young Artists: Uniting Art & Nature” and is comprised of a year-long study of art work by HAAS art students under the direction of art teacher, Hilary Fine.

Salgado won first place in the Radon Awareness competition for the State of Florida with her depiction of a skeleton showing the effects of radon on people.

“It was an amazing feeling to win first place in the competition.” said Salgado.  She has produced an extensive book of drawings and enjoys photography and creating art inspired by the Florida Everglades.

Laila Benotmane, an eighth grade student earned second place in the Florida radon competition with her drawing of a dragon emerging from of the ground representing radon. “I love drawing and producing art,” she said. Benotmane also has an extensive collection of drawings.

Both Salgado and Benotmane received national recognition for their radon artwork.

Sophia Pontet, a sixth grade student said she enjoys being a part of the art program. “I have photos that I took, stained glass and work from my yearbook on display. I love drawing beach themes.”

Hilary Fine, who teaches art at HAAS is proud of the work her students have been doing. “I am using art to teach students reading, math and science. These students are visually expressive,” said Fine.

During their course of study, HAAS students were introduced to advanced training within the visual arts as they artistically conveyed their own interpretation to the various challenges. Covering studies of competition design, drawing, paints, zentangles, photography, computer design, and more.

The public is invited to view the exhibit throughout the month of April at the ArtsPark Gallery – a professional gallery owned by the City of Hollywood in the Visual Arts Pavilion at ArtsPark. This exhibition will go on to show at the Hollywood’s City Hall on April 29th with Mayor Peter Bober presenting.

Admission is free.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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