Hollywood applies for a grant for complete streets

Hollywood residents may see additional improvements to the city’s streets, especially where pedestrians walk.

The city is looking for some grant money to pay for these improvements.

The Hollywood Commission agreed to a resolution to allow city leaders to apply for and, if awarded, accept the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Complete Streets and other localized initiatives program award in an amount not to exceed $6,000,000.

The grant funding would be used to implement complete streets and other local initiatives projects relating to filing in sidewalk networks and other pedestrian safety improvements for several areas. They include the Sheridan Park and Hollywood Acres sidewalk network infill, and the sidewalk construction infill area bordered by State Road Seven to the East, North 64th Avenue to the West, Hollywood Boulevard to the South, and Johnson Street to the North.

If awarded, Hollywood would be committed to providing matching funds in the estimated amount of 12 percent of the total cost for project contingencies, together with the applicable operating and maintenance costs once the projects are completed.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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