Hollywood Attorney Jed Frankel Recertified in Civil Trial Law

The Law Firm of Eisinger, Brown, Lewis, Frankel & Chaiet, P.A., which has been headquartered in Hollywood for over 20 years, has announced that partner Jed Frankel, B.C.S. was recently recertified in Civil Trial Law through 2022 by The Florida Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization and Education.  Frankel was originally Certified in 2007 and has maintained Certification since that date.  He continues to represent clients in trial and appellate matters, as well as contested administrative proceedings.

Mr. Frankel was recognized by The Florida Bar for his commitment to excellence and professionalism in the practice of law.  As board certified, he has the distinction of having “special knowledge, skills and proficiency in Civil Trial law as well as character, ethics, and a reputation for professionalism in the practice of law.”  The Supreme Court of Florida has stated its view that attorneys who are board certified have a special responsibility to maintain high standards of conduct and professionalism and are preeminent in competence and ethics.

Frankel is also certified as a Circuit Mediator by The Supreme Court of Florida and is authorized to mediate in all Florida’s Judicial Circuits.

Eisinger, Brown, Lewis, Frankel & Chaiet, P.A., is a full service Florida law firm focusing on community association law, real estate law, developer representation, commercial litigation and insurance law. For more info visit eisingerlaw.com or facebook.com/EisingerLaw.


Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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