Hollywood Attorney Publishes Free Guide on Immigrating to the United States

Local attorney Carlos Sandoval’s new guide gives the ins and outs of obtaining an immigrant visa in the United States.

As an immigration attorney, Carlos E.Sandoval is well aware of the process for immigrating to the United States. Sandoval recently encapsulated this knowledge into his new book, “An Immigrant’s Guide to Achieving the American Dream,” which is available for free in English and Spanish on his website, www.carlosesandoval.com

The guide was created specifically for foreign residents who wish to live permanently in the United States. Sandoval discusses the process of applying for and securing a visa, including choosing the right visa based on the individual’s unique circumstances. The guide also goes in-depth into who can sponsor an immigrant, such as a family member, fiancé, or employer.

Sandoval was inspired to write the guide after hearing similar questions from his clients during his years of practicing immigration law. “Offering a free, online resource with answers about the immigration process is a much-needed resource for the community,” said Sandoval. “There is a lot of confusion among new immigrants to the United States concerning how to secure a visa. I wanted to provide a free resource to give answers to the most popular questions I hear.”

The guide is not a substitute for professional guidance from an immigration lawyer, but it will help them to know where to start. Sandoval is himself an immigrant from Colombia. In 1996 he immigrated to the United States, and after serving in the United States Navy and attending the University of Florida Levin College of Law, he settled in Miami and began his career in the legal field.

Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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