Hollywood Beach parking rates to raise for non-residents

People who live outside of Hollywood will soon have to pay twice as much to park at the beach or at the Garfield Parking Garage.

During a recent meeting, the Hollywood Commission agreed to raise the parking rates at the beach for non-residents. Visitors will pay $3 an hour Monday through Thursday and $4 an hour on weekends. Hollywood residents will pay $1.50 an hour Monday through Thursday and $2 an hour on weekends. This is the current rate being charged. The changes will take place in August when the new meters are installed. This is the first rate increase since 2010.

Residents who have Smartphones will register for the city rates through a Parkmobile app. Those without Smartphones will go to City Hall to get an access code for the resident rate. A presentation on the new rates and parking meter system was made at the Commission meeting.

During the Commission meeting, there was some discussion about confusion between city parking and private parking. People have reported that when they overstayed their paid for time at private lots they returned and found their cars booted. They said they want to make sure the signs are clear about the difference between private and city lots. Also, there was concern about the high cost of parking for people who work at or near the beach and must pay high parking rates.

Commissioner Patricia Asseff said she believes it is unfair to expect people who live in Hollywood and pay taxes to pay higher rates for parking. She believes the parking rates at city lots are fair and inexpensive compared to the rates being charged at private lots. She believes the City’s beaches will continue to attract people.

City leaders are considering eventually establishing new parking rates for downtown Hollywood and year-round parking permits.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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