Hollywood Beach Resort may be redeveloped

Hollywood beach resort

A group of developers is hoping to buy the Hollywood Beach Resort and build two luxury condominium buildings. Each building would have 500 units. The developers also would like to change the Hollywood Boulevard bridge and build a road so drivers could drive up to a new second-floor entrance.

At this point, no plans have been submitted to the City of Hollywood. However, Mayor Josh Levy is excited about the possibilities and believes the property needs to be redeveloped. “The site is crying for improvement and there could be a consolidated group of owners who could make improvements that most of the residents would be glad to see. It could become a crown jewel,” Levy said.

Levy said he believes that when the hotel was built in 1925, it was a very high-end property and was considered a high-class resort at the time. Wealthy people enjoyed visiting the resort, built by Joseph Young, and it was a location for concerts. Karen Albertson, president of the Hollywood Historical Society, said she believes the property has historic value and she does not want the building to be demolished.

Area developers have expressed a desire to rebuild the property. For a developer to buy the property, at least 80 percent of the condominium owners would have to agree to sell.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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