Hollywood Beach Theater and Bandshell to close for renovations

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By David Volz

The long awaited Margaritaville is projected to open in July 2015. And this will mean some other developments on Hollywood Beach.

In January or February 2015, the Hollywood Beach Theater and Bandshell will close for renovations. It will be closed until July. Performances will still take place in the area but at other venues.

Also, from mid-September to July, there will be no vehicle traffic on Johnson Street but pedestrian traffic will be permitted. Once construction is complete at Margaritavelle vehicle access will be limited to pickups and drop-offs at Margaritaville and access to the garage. But pedestrian traffic will continue, according Jorge Camejo, executive director for the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency.

Construction is taking place on other retail businesses in the area as well.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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