Hollywood begins search for new City Attorney

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The Hollywood Commission and City Attorney Jeffrey Sheffel came to a separation agreement during a special meeting. Under the terms of the agreement Sheffel will receive pay for 20 weeks and will be available to the Commission and city administrators during those 20 weeks should the need arise. He is no longer working at City Hall. Sheffel did not attend the meeting but he had signed the agreement. The arrangement is considered a separation agreement and not a resignation or a termination.

During the meeting, Commissioner Peter Hernandez raised concern that Sheffel might come before the Hollywood Commission representing an entity such as a developer. Hernandez believed the agreement should prevent Sheffel from coming before the Commission soon after his departure. Other members of the Commission did not support this request and believed Sheffel should be allowed to move on with no constraints.

Mayor Josh Levy thanked Sheffel for his service to the City of Hollywood and complimented him on his skill and professionalism.

Alan Fallik, deputy city attorney will serve as Interim City Attorney. The City will begin the search for a new City Attorney.

Sheffel served the City through a challenging period. But in recent months he had faced criticism from members of the Commission for his leadership style of the legal department and possible cost overruns. He was also arrested in March for DUI.

During a recent Commission meeting, Commissioner Dick Blattner asked for his resignation. Sheffel said he could address concerns about cost overruns and other items. But he also said that if the Commission no longer supported him, then it would be better for him to move on.

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