Commission agrees to purchase new parking meters for Hollywood Beach


The Hollywood Commission has agreed to spend $1,098,996 to purchase 108 Luke II pay-by-plate multi-space pay stations for the city’s beach parking areas. This includes accessories and spare parts.

These pay stations are being painted to differentiate them from the meters at private parking lots.  Visitors to the Garfield beach garage can see in real time how many spaces are available by going to the City’s website and going to departments and then parking.

The Garfield garage at 300 Connecticut Street has 403 spaces and is open 24/7.  Fees are $1.50/hr.; $15 daily max.

Garfield Garage Real-Time Space Availability
Spaces Available

*Live Count

The system displays the number of available spaces in the garage.  Once all spaces are occupied, the display shows FULL.

The City is also conducting a parking survey to gain feedback from residents on their experience with parking in Hollywood.  Your feedback will be taken into consideration by the Parking Division.

The Parking Division oversees 3 garages, several lots and hundreds of metered and non-metered on-street parking spaces. The total inventory of standard spaces is 4,232 on-street and off-street spaces with 2,327 Downtown spaces and 1,905 spaces on the Beach. This does not include privately run lots and facilities. The City’s Parking Division is not funded through property taxes. It is an Enterprise Fund, meaning revenue generated by the enterprise is used to pay for the parking facilities, operations and maintenance. Revenue comes from parking meters, garage and lot fees, parking fines and permit fees.

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