Hollywood City Commission Approves Multiple Resolutions

Hollywood welcome sign

The Hollywood Commission has agreed to a resolution to allow city leaders to apply for and if awarded, accept the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (Broward MPO) Complete Streets and Other Localized Initiatives Program Award. It is an amount not to exceed $2,000,000 per area to implement Complete Streets and other local initiatives program with four geographical areas adjacent to the State Road 7/441 Corridor.  The areas include Beverly Park Sidewalk Network, Hollywood Beach Heights and Hollywood Country Estates Sidewalk Network, Sheridan Park and Hollywood Acres Sidewalk Network and West Park Road Bike Lane from 441 to Johnson Street, for a total estimated project cost of $8,000,000. If successfully awarded, the City is committed to fund $960,000 or 12 percent of the total cost for project contingencies, together with the applicable operating and maintenance costs once complete.

An a separate move, the Commission agreed to a resolution allowing city leaders to execute a contract between the City of Hollywood and R.J. Sullivan Corp. for construction services related to the water treatment plant high service pump station upgrade in the amount of $4,859,000. It also allowed city leaders to execute a work order between Acadis U.S., Inc. and the City for construction administrative services for the project in an amount not to exceed $431,590.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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