Hollywood commission agrees to contract for architecture design services for Hollywood Beach Golf Course

The Hollywood Commission agreed to major purchases during a recent meeting. It agreed to a resolution to allow city leaders to enter into a professional services agreement with Synalovski Romanik Saye, LLC based on a negotiated proposal for architecture/engineering design services for The Hollywood Beach Golf Course renovation and clubhouse construction in an amount not to exceed $924,000. This is a General Obligation Bond Project.

It agreed to a resolution to allow city leaders to issue a purchase order to Municipal Equipment Company, LLC the purchase of Draeger 7000 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus for Fire Rescue and Beach Safety In the total amount of $856,101.

The Commission agreed to a resolution to allow city leaders to authorize a work order with Lighthouse Utility Consulting, Inc. to provide professional services for the development of a water and sewer rate study analysis and report in the amount of $103,785.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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