Hollywood Commission Agrees to Purchases at February Meeting; New Police Cars Top the List

Hollywood commission agrees to purchases at february meeting; new police cars top the list

The Hollywood Commission has approved a number of large purchases during their first February meeting. The largest purchase approved is for the Hollywood Police Department, which will receive 48 new vehicles to replace others which are aging out.

The Hollywood Commission agreed to a resolution to allow city leaders to arrange financing for the purchase of the vehicles with Americredit Financial Services, Inc. (doing business as GM Financial) for the purchase of vehicles for the police department at a cost of $1,904,186.

The City can obtain more vehicles with the limited available funding through this creative financing mechanism and the spread the cost over a longer time frame with this agreement. The financing for these vehicles is at an interest rate of 3.860% for a total of five years.

The vehicles to be purchased include three 2018 Toyota Camrys for the Investigation and Support Services Bureau, and 45 2018 Chevy Tahoe 1500s for the Patrol Services Bureau.

In the other purchases approved at the meeting, city leaders have been authorized to issue a purchase order with Sunstate Meter & Supply, Inc. for the purchase of Neptune meters for an estimated annual amount of $588,856. This is part of the Public Utilities routine water meter replacement program for meters to measure the flow of water through individual properties.  Also, the Commission agreed to allow a purchase order to Ranch Cryogenics, Inc. for on-site Cryogenic Oxygen facility services for an estimated annual expenditure of $131,666. These purchases are for the Department of Public Utilities.

The Commission agreed to allow a purchase order with Alligator Alley Harley-Davidson for Fort Lauderdale for the lease of six police motorcycles for a two year lease period for an estimated annual cost of $47,422. It agreed to a three-year agreement with the highest rank firm and the City to provide CCTV/ALPR maintenance services throughout the City including police command vehicles for an annual estimated amount of $101,540.

Finally, It agreed to a purchase order to Keylite Power & Lighting Corporation from the City for providing and installing in Fire Station Number 45 a Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System in the amount of $80,186.

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