Hollywood Commission considers internal auditor position

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Up for discussion at the next Hollywood commission meeting is whether or not the City’s voters want an internal auditor.  The Commission may put the question on the November ballot in response to a report by the Broward Office of the Inspector General discovered misconduct and mismanagement by top Hollywood officials earlier this year.

The new office would cost about $450,000. It would include an internal auditor and an administrative assistant. The internal auditor would report directly to the Commission.

Mayor Peter Bober said that an internal auditor would provide a check and balance to the work of the City’s government. He believes it would provide an external look at government. “I think we should let the voters decide this,” he said.

Vice Mayor Peter Hernandez who has been critical of the work of the city officials named in the report but he does not want an internal auditor. He wants city staff to do their work and be honest. “We are creating another layer of bureaucracy.”

“To stop what happened we better our day-to-day operations. Some people did not do their jobs and we need to make sure they do their jobs,” said Hernandez.  “We have been told the cost of the office would be $450,000 but in reality that cost would be much higher and the costs will snowball.”

He believes an auditor hired on an outside contract basis should the need arise might have benefit. “We would bring in an auditor when there is a need for it,” said Hernandez.

Other commissioners said they wanted more information before making a decision. They wanted to learn about the experience other cities have had with internal auditors. 


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