Hollywood Commission Discusses 911 Radio Towers

Many Hollywood residents really don’t want a large radio tower in their neighborhood. But, Broward County leaders are hoping to install a 300 foot tower in West Lake Park and believe it is necessary for improvements to the Broward County Regional 911 system.

Tracy Jackson, director of regional emergency services & communications for the County, told the City Commission at their Oct. 17 meeting that this tower needs to be located in Hollywood so the system will perform well.

The tower would be 300 feet high, and have a 25 foot high antennae. Residents of West Lake Village expressed concern during the meeting that their property values might go down as a result, and that the tower would not blend in well in their neighborhood.

Broward County owns the land where the tower would be located but must first obtain approval from the Hollywood Commission for the site plan before they can start construction.

The County also wants to install a second tower in western Hollywood on Southwest 49th Court. The Hollywood Commission agreed to wait until November to vote on this, since they want to see if there are alternatives to the tower.

Other options might include placing an antenna on the Circ Hotel, and/or the large Guitar shaped hotel at the Hard Rock — but Broward County would have to approach the Seminole Tribe to ask if they would allow an antenna to be placed on their new hotel.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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