Hollywood commission passes 2020 city budget

The Hollywood Commission passed on final reading the 2020 Fiscal Year Budget. Mayor Josh Levy said, “I think this budget provides the funds necessary to address the city’s needs.”

Levy said it will provide art and cultural programs.

In addition:

  1. The swimming pool at Attucks Middle School will be open to the public.
  2. Significant steps are being taken to improve and repair older areas of the city.
  3. More efforts are being made to improve city parks and to eliminate potholes in the streets. Efforts are being made to improve landscaping in the city.
  4. Also, there will improvement to the city’s infrastructure.

Commissioner Caryl Shuham said “With the budget we always wish we had more to work with but the  City is moving in the right direction. We are turning a good corner.”

The total City of Hollywood budget is $585,199,740.

Hollywood residents will see an increase in their millage rate for fiscal year 2020. The total proposed millage rate will increase from 7.6992 to 7.9226 — an increase of 0.2234. The operating millage rate has remained unchanged for several years at 7.4665.

The reason for the proposed total millage rate increase is because of a voter approved general obligation bond which passed in March.

There are some major city projects the city is working on.

These include: General Obligation Phase One projects, State Road Seven Linear Park, the second floor library project, septic to sewer conversion project, ocean outfalls wells, transportation surtax projects, State Road Seven/Hollywood Boulevard Mobility Hub, Stan Goldman Park and Montella Park restrooms.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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