Hollywood Commission Holds Special Meeting on 911 Tower Situation

The Hollywood Commission held a special meeting to readdress previous discussions covered in a joint meeting with the Hollywood Commission and the Broward County Commission. The Broward County attorney was also in attendance.

Following extensive discussion among the Hollywood Commission members, it was decided that a third-party expert will be hired to determine if the 911 antennas should be placed on top of the Circ hotel or if a 325 foot tower should be placed in West Lake Park.

The Hollywood Commission favors the Circ Hotel location. Commissioner Carly Shuham has led the effort for the Circ Hotel placement. She has stated that it would be less expensive and more effective for equipment to be placed on top of the Circ Hotel.

The Broward Commission maintains that a 325 foot tower should be placed at West Lake Park and experts for the County agree. As a result, an interlocal agreement is being drawn up. The County and the City have to agree on the third party hired for the consultation.

“[The] public is the number one priority. The City is working in the spirit of cooperation with the County to find the best location that will ensure public safety for the residents of Hollywood and Broward County as a whole,” said Joann Hussey, spokesperson for Hollywood.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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