Hollywood Commission: Month of June in Review

Hollywood commission agrees to purchases at february meeting; new police cars top the list

By Benjamin Paley and David Volz

The month of June has passed, and with it several resolutions and ordinances. Within the Commission Chambers, members of the Hollywood City Commission made decisions on behalf of the city residents.

Altogether, in the month of June, there were eight public meetings: two regular City Commission meetings, two special City Commission meetings, one community redevelopment agency meeting, one planning and development board meeting, and one historic preservation board meeting.

Here is a brief overview of what was discussed during each of those meetings:

During the Regular Community Redevelopment Agency meeting on June 5, there were three resolutions, three presentations, and one informational report

During the Regular City Commission Meeting on June 5, there were 24 resolutions, five presentations, and five ordinances

During the Special City Commission Meeting on June 12, there was a discussion of the interlocal agreement between the City of Hollywood and the Broward County Commission on the 911 communication tower

During the Planning and Development Board Meeting on June 13, there were five applications for variances

During the Technical Advisory Committee Meeting on June 17, there was one site plan application review

During the Special City Commission Meeting on June 19, there were four resolutions

During the Historic Preservation Board Meeting on June 25, there was one certificate of Appropriateness Design and Variance request

During the Regular City Commission Meeting on June 19, there were 27 resolutions, nine presentations, and four ordinances

Hollywood Gazette reporter David Volz has attended each of the City Commission Meetings and reported on issues of importance to the residents of Hollywood.

Here is a summary of what Volz reported on:

The City of Hollywood makes a bid for a Brightline station in Hollywood.
The bid was confirmed at a community meeting by Commissioner Traci Callari. Two other cities — the City of Hallandale Beach and the City of Dania Beach — have also submitted bids.

The North Runway at Hollywood Fort Lauderdale Airport is closed for repairs. The north runway will be closed to air traffic control over the next four months.

Preliminary taxiway construction began in March 2019, launching the multi-million dollar project on the airport’s longest runway with a length of approximately 9,000 feet. The north runway can trace its roots back to 1943 when it was built by the U.S. Navy as a naval training base during World War II.

The current project intends to extend the runway’s life period from another 15 years to 30 years by replacing a 75-foot center portion with concrete. The runway’s sides will also be repaved with asphalt and the electrical signs and drainage systems will be upgraded.

All flights will take off from the south runway during this period. Residents living near the south runway may experience an increase in air traffic noise.

The City of Hollywood Commission held a special meeting concerning the 911 tower situation with the Broward County Board of Commissioners.

The Hollywood Commission agreed to join an interlocal agreement with the Broward County Commission to hire an independent expert to determine if a 911 tower should be placed at the West Lake Park site or on top of the Circ Hotel. The Broward Commission also approved this agreement. The Broward Commission and the Hollywood Commission will agree on the expert to be hired and share the expense. After a study is completed, the expert will make a recommendation on where the 911 equipment should be located and both commissions will accept this decision as binding and move forward.

The Hollywood Commission wants six 911 antennas placed on top of the Circ and the Broward Commission wants a 325-foot 911 tower placed at West Lake Park. Members of the Hollywood Commission have said they believe the antennas on top of the Circ would be less expensive and more effective. The decision of this expert would be considered binding.
Residents who live near West Lake Park have voiced strong opinions that a large 911 tower should not be placed in the park. They have said it will take away from the appearance of the park and may not hold up in a severe storm. Some fear the radio system near their homes will create a health risk. They have spoken at Broward Commission meetings and Hollywood Commission meetings.

The City of Hollywood Commission issued a proclamation for Gun Violence Prevention Day. Members from Moms Demand Action received the proclamation. Their goal is to raise awareness on gun violence in society. The members wore orange shirts in honor of the movement.

The City of Hollywood Commission approves a contract with Lanzo Construction for services related to the Royal Poinciana Limited Sewer Expansion. The contract is valued at $22,867,926. Construction will take place from Hollywood Boulevard to Sheridan Street, between North Federal Highway and North 21st Avenue.

The water main replacement project will involve an installation of 87,000 linear feet of various sized water mains.

The project requires flushing and pressuring tests for the new pipes, followed by chlorination and bacteriological sampling. To protect road stability, the old water pipes will be cut, capped, and filled with grout.

The Commission also approved a work order for Tetra Tech that covers additional limited engineering services during construction for the project in the amount of $293,063.

The City of Hollywood Commission recognizes Pride Month 2019 by issuing a proclamation. Members of the Hollywood LGBTQ+ Council received the proclamation.

The mission of the Hollywood LGBTQ+ Council is to elevate the voices, perspectives, and presence of LGBTQ+ residents and entrepreneurs in Hollywood, shaping the vision for a vibrant and inclusive city.

An announcement was made that the City of Hollywood’s Annual Hurricane Readiness Exercise took place on June 24. The presentation on hurricane preparation was prepared for the Hollywood Commission by Jamie Hernandez, the emergency management coordinator, to provide an update on the City’s of Hollywood state of hurricane and emergency readiness.

The City has a new GIS software system that tracks threats and provides real-time status updates. It produces a citywide vulnerability assessment that analyzes sea level rise, vulnerable residents, and other hazards.

Last November, a Family Assistance Center exercise tested readiness for a mass casualty incident. On June 24, the annual citywide hurricane exercise took place. The exercise utilized building code post-storm damage assessment teams to identify infrastructure concerns.

The Commission approved Phase One funding of $70 million for the GO Bond Projects. The Phase Two issuance of $90 million is planned for October 2021 and will fund the police headquarters, the tidal flooding projects, and the Orangebrook revitalization project. The biggest project, the police headquarters, is now in the planning stages.

The initial $70 million will fund projects such as gateway and neighborhood monument signs, traffic controls, park improvements, and fire equipment and technology.

Last but not least, the Hollywood Commission agreed to an ordinance that will restore pension benefits when the city faced financial urgency. This followed extensive negotiations with AFSCME Local 2432, which represents general employees. A large number of city employees attended the union and cheered the restoration of benefits was announced.

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