Hollywood Commission to hold quarterly 'community meetings'

Hollywood residents will soon have an opportunity to meet with members of the commission in a more informal manner.

During a recent meeting, the commission agreed to have four meetings; once a quarter. Each meeting would take place in a different part of Hollywood and all residents would be encouraged to come. During the first half hour, there will be a meet and greet and residents will be encourage to fill out cards with questions. Residents will have the opportunity to ask questions about any problems they might be having with the city such as taxes, traffic, crime and other issues.

“This will give residents a forum to talk about matter that concern them,” said Commissioner Peter Hernandez. He is a strong proponent of the quarterly meetings.

The City Manager has asked to coordinate the days that all commissioners would have available for a community meeting.  And the locations for the meetings are being determined.

During the first half hour, people will have an opportunity meet and socialize. Refreshments will likely be offered and there may even be pizza for individuals and families who might like to have dinner.

During the recent meeting, commission members said they believed the community meetings would be a good opportunity to city residents to express their concerns to the commission.  


Don’t Miss the First “Commission in the Community Meeting”


The City of Hollywood Mayor and Commissioners invite you to an open forum on Wednesday, February 25 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Driftwood Community Center, 3000 N. 69 Avenue, where you can ask questions and share any issues or concerns relating to city services, programs or events.

Commission in the Community Schedule:

6:00 – 6:30 pm: Meet and greet with Mayor and Commissioners
Pizza, snacks and beverages will be provided

6:30 – 8:00 pm: Open forum with Mayor and Commissioners

This is the first in a series of quarterly Commission in the Community forums that will take place in each commission district of the City. Each meeting will begin with a welcome from Mayor Peter Bober, followed by an open forum facilitated by the District Commissioner. This forum will be hosted by Vice Mayor Kevin Biederman, District 5 Commissioner.

Attendees wishing to speak will be asked to fill out a speaker’s card and turn it in by 7:00 pm.

If you can’t make it on February 25th, plan to attend an upcoming COMMISSION IN THE COMMUNITY meeting. The next two meeting are set for June 24th in District 1 and September 9th in District 2. For more information, please call the Office of the Mayor & Commissioners at 954.921.3321.





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