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Hollywood cra proposes major redesign to young circle roadway

Hollywood CRA proposes major redesign to Young Circle Roadway

Following long-term complaints by Hollywood residents, the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency is proposing a major redesign to the Young Circle roadway.  Many have complained about the traffic situation around Young Circle, comparing the city road to a hectic a highway.  Due to the configuration of the road, drivers have experienced confusion that led to accidents.  The current infrastructure has hindered access to the ArtsPark and increased safety risks faced by pedestrians.

The current proposal revisits a previous proposal, offered two years ago by Ian Lockwood, that would have redesigned Young Circle as a two way road rather than a one way.  The redesign includes five traffic calming circles, or roundabouts, in the roadway.  Many traffic experts believe the redesign would reduce minor accidents and driving speeds, while improving pedestrian friendly transit into the parks.

“The proposal also creates a people oriented unified public space with the rest of downtown,” stated Joann Hussey, spokeswoman for Hollywood.

Currently, traffic flows in one direction around Young Circle.  The plan under consideration would direct traffic in the outer lanes in a counterclockwise rotation, while the inner lanes travel clockwise.  The project’s initial cost estimate is between $15 to $20 million over a six year period.  Proposed sources of funding include partners such as Broward County Transit, Broward MPO, Florida Department of Transportation, and federal grants.

While efficiency and safety take priority, the goal is to also develop a pleasant natural environment that resembles a forest.  Along the road, officials are focusing on safe bike lanes, wider sidewalks, areas for parallel parking, and 15 crosswalks for pedestrian.  The next step in the proposal process includes public input through community meetings and workshops.

“Complete Streets” Project continues on Hollywood Blvd.

Meanwhile, roadwork continues on Hollywood Boulevard from east of City Hall Circle to Dixie Highway.  Drivers on westbound Hollywood Boulevard, east of 24 Avenue to City Hall Circle, have been shifted north.

According to Community Outreach Specialist Rebecca Guerrero, the over $7 million in improvements under the “Complete Streets” project’s contract include removing old asphalt, resurfacing the roadway, adding decorative lighting, widening sidewalks and adding decorative patterns, upgrading existing pedestrian signals to countdown timers, constructing new medians with parallel parking, replacing the existing water main and connections at various cross streets, and upgrading signs and pavement markings to reflect the new roadway configuration.

Major sidewalk construction project approved

During the May 1st commission meeting, the Hollywood Commission approved a contract with OMB for fiscal year 2019.  The contract for sidewalk construction and road maintenance work sets an amount not to exceed $524,545.

New office building to be built in Hillcrest Drive

Hollywood will soon have a new office building.  The Hollywood Commission agreed to an ordinance that waives a ten acre minimum requirement for a planned office building that will occupy approximately one acre.

The new building will be located at 3701 Hillcrest Drive, and will be three stories tall with a total of 18,000 square feet.  A section of the building will maintain a living wall, which will be covered with plant life and foliage.

Plat approvals granted for Hillcrest Country Club South

During the May 1st meeting, the Hollywood Commission also made some changes in regards to a large housing project.  The Hillcrest Country Club South can now build 210 single family homes and 284 townhouses.

Hollywood moves on ILA programs

The City of Hollywood is moving forward on using funds from the Interlocal Agreement.  The Commission agreed to a resolution that approves various programs designed to increase affordable housing options. Items include:

  • Approximately, $3.6 million for owner-occupied housing rehabilitation (limit 90 units.)
  • Approximately, $400,000 for single-family rental housing rehabilitation (limit 10 units)
  • Approximately, $133,330 for multi-family rental housing rehabilitation (limit 7 units)
  • About $1.4 million for first-time home buyer purchase assistance (limit 28 units)
  • About $233,327 for rental assistants allocated to essential employees (limit 23 units)
  • Approximately, $100,000 for relocation assistance allocated to employees of target industries (limit 26 units)
  • Approximately, $478,489 for the police office next door program (limit 26 units)

Also, almost $200,000 will be spent to provide skills training for 55 residents and about $1,474,730 will be spent on infrastructure.  Over $1 million will allocated to veterans housing, senior housing, and low to moderate income home ownership programs.

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