Next Phase of ‘Complete Street’ Improvements Along A1A May Reduce Parking Spaces

Hollywood CRA leaders gave a presentation at a Hollywood Beach Civic Association meeting on planned Phase IV streetscape improvements along AIA and in the surrounding area from about Hollywood Boulevard to the southern limits of Hollywood. A number of other civic organizations participated in the meeting.

The work is part of the Complete Streets program which is designed to accommodate all modes of transportation. It involves the undergrounding of overhead utilities, streetscaping and beautification of AIA and the surrounding area.

Some of the work will involve making changes to the streets, and those changes may involve the reduction of parking spaces. Various options for street improvements were presented during the meeting.

During the meeting, several residents spoke out about their concerns. Some people said they wanted the streets to remain the same, while others voiced concern about the removal of parking spaces.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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