Hollywood Designates Temporary Cafe Zones to Help Restaurants Get Back to Business

Efforts are being made by city leaders to help Hollywood restaurants that are in the process of reopening. The City Manager has designated Temporary Café Zones in Downtown Hollywood, along the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, and in public and private commercial areas adjacent to established restaurants city-wide.  

The purpose of these Temporary Café Zones is to back the City’s restaurant businesses heavily impacted by COVID-19 mitigation measures, and provide them with the opportunity to expand their dining areas using outdoor spaces.

The City wants restaurants and food establishments to operate successfully and under the limitations of current executive and emergency orders —limiting indoor seating to 50% of capacity and requiring a 6-foot separation between tables both indoors and outdoors.  

The Temporary Café Zone Expansion Program Guide details the locations of these zones, and the requirements restaurants and food establishments must meet in order to use these zones for additional outdoor dining space. Use of these zones must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, including but not limited to the Florida Building Code and the Florida Fire Prevention Code.  

All restaurants and foodservice establishments should review this guide and consider their options for expanding outdoor dining.  Use of Temporary Café Zones requires restaurants to register online, which includes submitting a registration form with supporting documents (indemnification form and proof of insurance), along with other requirements.  

The City will be facilitating the use of Temporary Café Zone space in two designated areas: 

  • Hollywood Boulevard between 19th Avenue and  21st Avenues –  Saturday through Monday at 5:00 a.m.
  • Hollywood Beach Broadwalk from Garfield Street to Harrison Street – Thursday through Monday at 5:00 a.m.

Hollywood Beach Locations

  • Sahara- 1213 N Surf Road
  • Nick’s Bar & Grill- 1214 N Broadwalk
  • The Taco Spot- 1500 N Broadwalk
  • Surf N Spray – 1404 N Surf Rd
  • Oasis by the Sea -1209 – 1211 N Surf Rd
  • Broadwalk Restaurant on the Beach -1400 N Surf Rd
  • McGowan’s of Hollywood- 298 Arizona St
  • Florio’s of Little Itay- 200 Garfield St
  • Riptide Hotel- 2300 N Surf Rd
  • Bonny & Read’s Toucan Hideout- 500 N Broadwalk
  • Ocean’s 13 Sports Bar & Grill- 3111 N Surf Rd
  • Istanbul Restaurant dba Dogan Inc. -707 N Broadwalk
  • Blue Wave- 901 N Broadwalk
  • Haagen Dazs Ice Cream- 814 N Broadwalk
  • Mamacitas Latin Bar & Grill -591 N Broadwalk
  • WalkAbout Beach Resort -2500 N Surf Rd

Downtown Hollywood Locations

  • Mickey Byrne’s Irish Pub- 1921 Hollywood Blvd
  • Krakatoa Indonesian Cuisine -1910b Hollywood Blvd
  • Hollywood CheeseSteak and More- 1907 Hollywood Blvd
  • The Greek Joint Kitchen & Bar -1925 Hollywood Blvd
  • El Bayu de Wela Sara -1917 B Hollywood Blvd
  • Tasta Gelato & Cafeteria -2033 Hollywood Blvd
  • Tardes Calenas Bar Restaurant -2025 Hollywood Blvd
  • La Vendetta – 1909 Hollywood Blvd
  • Takitos Mexican Restaurant -1926 Hollywood Blvd
  • Twisted Roots Kava Brewery -2037 Hollywood Blvd
  • Octopus -1942 Hollywood Blvd

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Author: Amanda Jones

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