Free Circulator Service to Replace Hollywood Trolley Beginning Jan. 2019 in Hollywood Downtown and Beach Areas

Hollywood residents will soon be able to get around the downtown area in a golf cart-like vehicle or get to the beach from the downtown area in a hybrid van.

The Hollywood Commission agreed to a contract with Free Ride for circulator services in the estimated amount of $885,360. Depending on the season, it will operate ten to twelve hours a day in the downtown and beach area.

The new Hollywood Circulator service which is set to begin in January will offer 13 electric powered vehicles during the season when more people are in the downtown and beach areas.

During the season from October to April there will be 13 electric vehicles, seven operating in the downtown area and six on Hollywood beach. During the offseason, from May through September, there will four electronic vehicles in the downtown and four on the beach. These vehicles will run about ten to twelve hours a day and seat up to five passengers.

Vans will carry passengers from the downtown area to the beach and commuters will hail the vehicles by using an app or simply flagging them down.

There will also be areas where the vehicles will stop and pick up passengers. Once the program is launched it will be determined where the strongest demand is and what time of the day the demand is the highest. Adjustments will be made to meet the demand.

The free service will begin in January and will replace the Hollywood Trolley.

“This will be a quicker, more useful and modern service,” said Mayor Josh Levy.  “It will help residents get around town.”

Vice Mayor Debra Case said she believes the circulator service will be good for Hollywood but she is concerned that people who don’t use apps will be unable to benefit from it. She is looking forward to seeing if it will be successful.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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