Hollywood Gardens West sidewalk improvement project discussion set for July 7

Sidewalk project hollywood west

The “Hollywood Gardens West Sidewalk and Bicycle Facility Improvement Project” is an initiative, backed by the Broward Metropolitan Organization (MPO) “Complete Streets” Project. These bodies in a combined effort with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) plan to improve pedestrian and cyclist traffic in the Hollywood Gardens West area.

FDOT is hosting a Public Information Workshop on Thursday, July 7th at 7:00 p.m. at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church, 425 North 58th Avenue. Any and all Hollywood residents are welcome to attend and have their questions or concerns fielded by representatives of the city, FDOT, and the Broward MPO.

The project includes plans to fill gaps along city streets where sidewalks are missing, in an effort to foster a “walkable,” pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. Bike lanes are also included in the MPO’s plans. Shared Bike lanes have been suggested on North 58th Avenue, Lincoln Street, Fillmore Street, Polk Street and Taft Street between North 14th Avenue and North 20th Avenue. Minor improvements to drainage systems along the roads involved are also slated.

Slated to start in October of 2017, the project is anticipated to take approximately 200 days to complete. Construction is planned in phases, to mitigate congestion and general irritation. The cost of the project, $4.5 million, is paid by the Broward MPO.

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