Hollywood Hills football team gets stronger for season's start


The Hollywood Hills High School football team continues to practice hard for the upcoming season. Starting quarterback Ramon James said

IMG 4524
Ramon James, the leading quarterback at Hollywood Hills, wearing a red jersey, is in action during a scrimmage, or practice game.

the team will need commitment and dedication to have a winning season.

Coach Brandon Graham said the team needs focus and the players need to work well together as  team. He believes the team can have a winning record this season, and there are some good players.

There are two especially good linemen on the team. Nathaniel Parker, who weighs 258 pounds and is 6’0 tall, will play offensive and defensive line. As a defensive player, he

IMG 4534
Nathaniel Parker and Benjamin Masunu are both top linemen at Hollywood Hills High School.

wants to achieve 12 sacks, 40 tackles and five fumble recoveries.

Benjamin Masuno, who weighs 305 pounds, also will play offensive and defensive line. He wants to make seven sacks and 22 tackles.

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