Hollywood Hills 2020 Graduates Honored with a Parade

Hollywood Hills graduates honored with a parade

Graduation for the class of 2020 has been very different because of the coronavirus crisis. Graduates have been unable to walk to stage to receive their hard-earned diplomas. Instead they must participate in virtual graduation ceremonies.

Hollywood Hills High School held a parade for the class of 2020. Teachers, administrators, members of the Hollywood Commission and the mayor participated in the event. The graduates were in cars, many of which were decorated for the occasion. As they drove by a reviewing area, they were cheered by their teachers and administrators.

Louis Espinosa, a Hollywood Hills assistant principal was pleased to see the students enjoy the parade. “They lost many of their celebrations. But we wanted to do what we could to make their graduation special,” he said.

Hollywood Hills graduates honored with a parade
Hollywood Hills graduates honored with a parade

Major Josh Levy, a graduate of Hollywood Hills, Class of 1992 said, “Once a Spartan, always a Spartan. I’m glad we could have this parade for the graduates,” he said.

Javier Garcia, who teaches Advance Placement World History was cheering the graduates as they passed by. “This was a nice celebration and the kids deserved it,” he said.

Daniel Most, the new principal for Hollywood Hills said, “I’m really glad we could have this parade for the graduates.”

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