Hollywood Hills High School Honors Mentors

Hollywood hills high school honors mentors

To help a young person who is facing the challenges of high school and the teen years is important to those who serve as mentors at various Hollywood schools.

Recently, a group of mentors were honored at Hollywood Hills High School.  Members of the community volunteer to meet students on a regular basis, talk about issues and problems they are facing and provide them with encouragement.


Hollywood hills high school honors mentors
Dylan Guerra is mentored by Rachel Silber at Hollywood Hills High School.

Ruth Baruch has mentored for six years. She is a retired nurse and loves the opportunity to give back to the community. She is mentoring a boy. “I try to keep my student on track. I want to motivate him. I always ask him how he is doing in his classes. I like kids and I want to help them.”

Carrie Garcia mentors two South Broward High School students. She works in community outreach and coordinates mentors for Take Stock in Children. She visited Hollywood Hills. “I want to help young people find their passion in life. I am working with two girls. I want to encourage them and help them avoid mistakes. I want to help them prepare for college. I remember when I was in high school, I did not know about the process of getting into college,” she said.

Grant Ferguson has been mentoring students at Hollywood Hills High School since 2006. He is a retired educator but his wife encouraged him to stay involved in education and working with young people. He is now mentoring a boy. “I want to encourage young people to work hard and be successful in school. I want them to stay out of trouble. I love working with young people.”

Christian Alegria who is being mentored by Ferguson said he loves spending time with him. “He is very friendly. He pushes me to be work hard in school,” he said.

Rachel Silber, who works in the front office at Hollywood Hills High School is a mentor. She enjoys the opportunity to help students become more successful in school and in life.

Dylan Guerra, who is mentored by Silber enjoys spending time with her. “She is demanding of me but I like being mentored by her,” he said.

There are a number of people who mentor young people at Hollywood Hills and other schools. They have a desire to help young people develop their potential and succeed.


Hollywood hills high school honors mentors
Hollywood hills high school honors mentors
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