Hollywood Hills High School Military Academy JROTC Drill Team Ranks Among the Best in the Nation and State

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The Hollywood Hills High School Military Academy JROTC Drill Team made Broward County history by competing in two major competitions on the same day, ranking among the best in the nation and state.

On April 11, 2015, the Hollywood Hills Military Academy JROTC Drill Team split into two divisions – one that would compete in the Florida State Drill Championships in Lakeland, Florida, and an All Army Nationals Drill Team that would take part in the 2015 U.S. Army Cadet Command JROTC National Drill Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. The Hollywood Hills Military Academy’s Drill Team qualified for both competitions after winning the Broward County championship, an honor the team has earned for two consecutive years.  
At the National Drill Championships, the cadets on the All Army National Drill team placed 15th overall out of 57 schools and over 80 different competing teams. Two cadets, Cadet Captain Asyah Fowlkes and Cadet Captain Monica Hall, also participated in the Dual Unarmed Exhibition and placed second overall in the nation. The Drill Team’s Regulation Unarmed Platoon also placed 10th overall and the Color Guard placed seventh overall in the nation.
At the Florida State Championships, the Hollywood Hills JROTC State Drill Team competed in 11 events, ranking fourth in the state in Unarmed Squad Regulation.
“We are very proud of all of the cadets, their parents, the instructors and the school’s administration for their accomplishments,” said Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Green, the District’s coordinator of JROTC and military programs.  “Everyone worked extremely hard, and their motivation and dedication paid off.  We congratulate them for their achievements and look forward to more success in the future.”  
For more information, contact Lieutenant Colonel Green at 754-321-7626.
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