Hollywood Hills High School Military Magnet Brings Together Successful Students

The Entrepreneur and Leadership Academy A Military Magnet Program at Hollywood Hills High School is doing very well and attracting highly successful students. There are now about 200 students in the program.

While the Academy has a military style theme and the students wear uniforms, the emphasis is on academics, leadership, athletics, and service. The students are admitted based on previous academic success and take advanced placement and honors-level courses. The goal is to prepare students for college. It is not a program designed to get students interested in the military although some students may choose to pursue careers in the military.

“We are a college preparatory program,” said 1st. Sgt. Manuel Valdez. “We have the best and the brightest and we want to develop scholars, leaders, athletes, and servants.”

The students take high-level academic classes in areas such as English, Mathematics, Science, Robotics, Law and other demanding fields. They are also encouraged to join various clubs, music groups and athletic teams at Hollywood Hills High School. They learn about the basics of leadership and the different styles of leadership.

“If we are planning a dance, then we would probably have a more democratic style of leadership. But if a building is on fire, then we would have a more authoritarian style of leadership to put the fire out,” said Valdez. “The students actually play leadership roles in the program.”

Carlos Galdamez is one of the battalion commanders. He enjoys the Academy. “I am learning to organize and use time management to accomplish tasks. We are getting ready for a big annual inspection which is very important,” he said.

Kyle Ozuna, also a battalion commander likes the Academy and is also a Raider commander. He wants to train to be a military officer after high school. “I like to be able to motivate people. I like the friendly environment of the Academy. The academics here are very good,” he said.

The Academy offers various physical programs as well. The Raiders offers physical challenges and tests in addition to a drill team and color guard.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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