Hollywood Hills High School Student Government Association Prepares Leaders

Taylor Perez is president of the Hollywood Hills High School Student Government Association. Her goal as president is to raise school spirit and get all the kids interested in the school.

“We are the soul of Hollywood Hills High School. We support all the clubs at Hollywood Hills,” said Perez. “I want to get all the students involved in the school. I want to increase school spirit. Right now, we are getting ready for Homecoming and we want to get students excited about all the fun activities we are going to have during Homecoming.”

Katherina Starvish is the secretary of the Hollywood Hills SGA. She has a passion for promoting the school’s many organizations. “We represent the school. We want to get more students involved in the school. We want to promote school spirit.”

Cayla Sanches is the first vice president of the SGA. “We want to be role models for the students and encourage them to be involved in school activities,” she said.

The students in SGA are enthusiastic and they care about their classmates at Hollywood Hills. Many are top students academically and are leaders in other clubs on campus.

Diana Cabot, who sponsors the SGA wants the students in the organization to represent the school well and be the soul of the school. “My goals are to teach leadership skills and help them move forward in life. We are getting the school ready for homecoming,” she said.

Cabot is the SGA advisor and the Latinos in Action advisor and teaches aerobics. She is the Hollywood Hills teacher of the year.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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