Hollywood Hills High School’s Latinos in Action Program Wins Gold Award for Mastermind

Hollywood hills latinos in action wins gold award for mastermind

Latinos in Action is a popular and successful program at Hollywood Hills High School. The organization was recently recognized with a Gold Award for Mastermind. An individual member also won third place for a video titled “It’s Up to Me.”

Students in the program provide mentoring and often read to students at nearby elementary schools. They also host a pageant every April and visit other schools that host Latinos in Action clubs to share and compare ideas.

“I really enjoy working with the elementary school children. We play games with the children and make learning fun,” said Camila Gorosito, a Hollywood Hills Latinos in Action member.

Vanessa Ganango, another member, enjoys visiting Latinos in Action groups in other schools. “It is fun to meet with other students and share ideas,” she said.

Alexandra Ramos teaches classes as part of Latinos in Action. She said the program encourages leadership skill development among students. Many students have Latin American heritage, but students from all backgrounds are welcome.

Maricielo Nunez also loves being a part of Latinos in Action. “I like the events and promoting Latin culture,” she said.

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