Hollywood Hills Leadership Military Academy does well in state JROTC competition

Members of the Hollywood Hills Entrepreneur and Leadership Military Academy participated in a state JROTC competition in Lake Wales. They are part of the Raiders program, and they competed against 79 teams from around the state.

They competed in areas such as the 5K run, crossing a rope bridge, obstacle course, rescue carry, and flipping a 700 pound tire for 75 yards. The Hollywood Hills team did not win, but they made a strong showing.

They earned fourth place in crossing the rope bridge for males, and sixth place in the 5K for males. They were ninth overall for females, sixth overall for males, and seventh overall for the mixed male and female team.

First Sergeant Manuel Valdez, the senior instructor for the program, would have liked to see the team finish higher, but he was proud of the team’s effort.

“Our strength is an academics. I am not disappointed. Our students did well,” he said.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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