Hollywood Hills residents oppose Chaminade-Madonna's football field lighting plans

A group of residents recently met with officials from Chaminade-Madonna on Sept. 13 to discuss installation of lights at the school’s stadium.

Chaminade-Madonna is lobbying for the lights so that they can hold football games in the evenings when it’s cooler. At the moment, Chaminade-Madonna hosts their football games at 4:00 p.m. on Fridays, where temperatures have been recorded above 100 degrees. Their concern is that the heat, combined with the strain of the sport, is putting students’ health at risk.

Many residents who attended the meeting are against the installation of the lights. Their concerns stem from the idea that, equipped with lighting, Chaminade-Madonna might rent the field and host more events. This would be fun for event-goers, but not so much for occupants of the surrounding single-family homes. This influx of people would cause extra traffic and noise in the area.

Opponents of the lights claim that Chaminade-Madonna has been less than honest with residents regarding their plans for the field. A letter sent by Chaminade-Madonna in June said that lighting would allow for a much wider range of athletic events.

At this point, the school has not submitted plans to the City of Hollywood.


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Author: Amanda Jones

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