Hollywood holds parking forum to address beach congestion


The City of Hollywood recently held a public parking forum to share information about the parking situation in the downtown and beach areas. Hal King, who has extensive experience in various cities with managing parking, was introduced as the new parking administrator for Hollywood. He promised to work to improve the parking situation in Hollywood.

The meeting involved the presentation of a master plan study. The study recommends changes in the parking rates. Non-residents would pay more than residents to park in the downtown and beach areas. The meters would be upgraded to be more user-friendly. The conclusion was drawn that there are not enough parking spaces in the downtown and beach areas to accommodate all the cars, and that efforts will have to be made to find more spaces.

Hollywood residents had plenty to say about the parking situation in the beach area. Concerns were raised about the confusion many drivers feel about the difference between public and private parking lots; those who have parking in private lots have reported that their cars have been booted.

Residents expressed frustration about private lot owners who charge excessive rates to people who are desperate to find a parking space. Residents also pointed out that the cost of parking at the beach in Hollywood is much higher than other Broward cities. Residents and city leaders agreed there is too much traffic congestion in downtown and beach areas, especially during peak times.

Concerns were raised that if the cost of parking is increased, fewer people will want to go to the beach or downtown area. This would likely mean fewer customers for restaurants there. Raising parking prices would also likely effect lower-income families ability to enjoy the beach. A suggestion was made that a trolley service should be used to move people from parking lots farther inland to the beach.

Hollywood staff continues to look for ways to improve the parking situation in the city.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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