Hollywood Home Improvement Projects Can Safely Stay on Track; Building Dept. Now Offers Virtual Inspections via Video Call

Hollywood now offers Virtual Inspections

The coronavirus problem has made it a lot harder for everyone to do business. And more business and social activities are being conducted virtually even those that had to be done a person recently.  

The City of Hollywood Building Department is now offering customers the option for Virtual Inspections for all inspections required during permitting.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, building officials sought a reliable alternative to in-person inspections that would allow construction to continue during this time when social distancing is a requirement.

The Virtual Inspection method is quick and easy. It allows City Inspectors to clearly see and then certify ensuring that all safety requirements and building codes are met.  All inspections are eligible unless determined otherwise due to the complex nature of the job or job site.

If a City Inspector isn’t able to complete an inspection via the Virtual Inspection Program, every effort will be made for a field inspector to physically complete inspections on the same day or next business day.

Safety is the first priority during the virtual inspection process. The person at the job site must be able to perform the Virtual inspection safely. Unqualified persons opening electrical systems or climbing on a roof is not allowed. The Virtual Inspection will be rescheduled if that activity is observed.

Prior to the inspection, the necessary tools based on type of inspection must be readily available. For example, a tape measure, level, GFCI tester, step ladder, flashlight, etc.

  • Make sure the smart phone or tablet is fully charged.
  • Be ready to accept a video call at the scheduled time and respond to requests from the Inspector.
  • Have the required tools available.
  • Turn off phone or tablet notifications during the video call. Notifications tend to freeze a video call which could cause delays or for the inspection to be rescheduled.
  • Ensure your inspection location and your smartphone or tablet has 4G connectivity. If your device cannot maintain a 4G connection, remote live video inspection will not be possible. 
  • Download from the App Store or Google Play WhatsApp or Zoom to your device prior to your scheduled inspection.
  • Alternatives may be accepted on a limited basis, such as photos or prerecorded videos. Please contact the Building Department staff for more information. 
  • Schedule a Virtual Inspection by going to the City of Hollywood website or using the automated inspection line (954)921-3335 (select option #2 then #1).
  • Request the Virtual Inspection to be performed virtually:
    • Include your Permit Number in the subject line of your email. In the body of the email, please include your permit number, site address, suggested time for the inspection and the cell phone number for the person on the job site that will be doing the Virtual Inspection.
    • Remember, this person must be prepared to interact with the Inspector for the Virtual Inspection.
    • o   You will receive a confirmation email or phone call prior to 9:00 a.m. on the day of the Virtual Inspection.
  • Inspection day: Be available and on the job site during the pre-determined time. The assigned City Inspector will initiate the Virtual Inspection through WhatsApp or Zoom.

You can help during the inspection process.

  • Begin your inspection at street view looking at the structure with the address showing.
  • Be prepared to show permit card and approved plans.
  • Listen and follow the directions of the City Inspector.
  • Walk the job site from bottom to top if multiple floors.
  • Make note along the way of any items that need to be corrected.
  • The City Inspector may request additional photographs or video images of any work being inspected.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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