Hollywood hopes to receive surtax funding for repair projects

The Hollywood Commission is hoping to receive money from the Broward County Cycle I Transportation Surtax Fund to implement rehabilitation maintenance projects. During a recent meeting, the Commission agreed to apply for money from the fund.

There are three major projects the city leaders have in mind for the money. Project I involves milling and resurfacing, sidewalk repairs and swale regrading along multiple street segments. Project areas would include North Park Road (Sheridan Street to Oak Drive), North 26th Avenue (Taft Street to Sheridan Street), West Park Road (North Park Road to North 40th Avenue), Raleigh Street (North Park Road to North 38th Avenue) and Sarazen Drive (North 35th Street to North 46th Avenue.  The cost estimate is $2,967,000.

Project 2 involves North 58th Street. The project is located along North 58th Street between Johnson and Sheridan Street. The scope of the project includes 1.1 miles of roadway milling and resurfacing, sidewalk repairs and swale reconstruction and drainage improvements. The cost estimate is $1,600,000.

Project 3 involves Liberty Street, between North Park Road and North 31st Avenue. It includes approximately 350 feet of sidewalk replacement, ADA upgrades, drainage repairs and pavement resurfacing on Liberty Street between North 33rd Avenue and North 31 Avenue to benefit pedestrians and drivers. The cost estimate is $1,038,000.

The City must submit a signed resolution supporting the application for Cycle 1 Surtax projects to Broward County by June 11, 2020. The projects submitted to Broward County are evaluated and scored based on pre-established evaluation criteria and ranked according to priority. The City does not know how many projects, if any will be awarded.

The City must sign a new Transportation System Surtax Interlocal Agreement with Broward County to receive Surtax funding. Once a Surtax R&M project is awarded and accepted by the City, all work must be completed within 12 months and cannot exceed $3 million. Surtax projects require no cost sharing.

On September 20, 2018, the City Commission passed and adopted a resolution authorizing city leaders to execute the Transportation System Surtax Interlocal Agreement with Broward County and the Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization. The ballot measure was approved by the voters of Broward County on November 6, 2018.

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