Hollywood improves utility billing system

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The City of Hollywood has listened to its residents’ complaints and concerns and has decided to make fundamental changes regarding their billing system. This means less time and energy is wasted when it comes to your monthly bill payments.

Hollywood residents will see a new utility billing system. Customers will be able to pay by phone using an interactive voice response system. Other options include online payment where they will also be able to see information on their payment history and water usage. When people come to City Hall or make a phone call, they will be speaking with city employees who are members of the new customer service team.

The Department of Public Utilities has been working to develop a new approach to the utility billing process to enhance customer service.  Hollywood residents will see a utility bill that has been modernized and streamlined to make it easier to read.  The bill will include a billed usage graph to help individuals and families manage their water consumption and a Quick Response Code image to allow customer’s smart phones to quickly access Hollywood’s new and enhanced online payment system.

The Department of Public Utilities has also revamped the customer service center.  There is a new customer service center phone number that will go into effect on December 26.  The number is 954.921.3938. The new customer service team members are working to provide high quality customer service.


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