Hollywood Jaycees 75th Anniversary Goal: Make the Old Respected Youth Group New Again

Hollywood jaycees organize annual back-to-school shopping spree for over 100 local students on aug. 3

It’s Who You Know

Many famous people in history have been Jaycees.  Among them are

Here in Hollywood, the celebrity list is also impressive on a local level. It includes members of just about every other service organizations, including the Lions Club and the Kiwanis, with which the JCI has an international affiliation. 

“On an international level, the Jaycees and Kiwanis have formed an international partnership where after you’re 40 you go on to join the Kiwanis,” explained Gronvold. 

“And a while back I created a local ‘associate member’ program for people who were older, and they still help us all the time,” she added. 

“It’s a lifelong commitment,” said Mahar, who lives it.

“As a kid, we did so many things: the Candy Cane parade — I remember John, Deb’s husband, dressing up as Santa Claus and Elvis,” she recalled. 

Wheelchairs for Kids presentation
Wheelchairs for Kids presentation

“We did every theme,” interjected Gronvold.

“We did,” continued Mahar, “and still do, holiday events, a barbeque every summer and a chfor the people at Lincoln Manor, an assisted living facility in Hollywood, and a Christmas for them every winter, and lots of other events throughout the year.

“Now my son is nine, and I want him to grow up the way I did, giving back.  I’m always trying to teach him how to be a part of the community and appreciate everybody and see the good in everyone. So when I had the opportunity to come back in to the Jaycees a few years ago, it was an easy decision.”

Through her years as a Jaycee, Gronvold has chaired numerous projects, held every position possible in the organization, and became President of her Coconut Grove chapter in 1992. She moved to Hollywood in 1998 and has been with the chapter here ever since. 

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Author: Amanda Jones

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