Hollywood Jaycees 75th Anniversary Goal: Make the Old Respected Youth Group New Again

Hollywood jaycees organize annual back-to-school shopping spree for over 100 local students on aug. 3

What do they do? 

The Hollywood Jaycees have meetings every Tuesday night, and run a host of events throughout the year, many of which happen every year.  

Kelly Edwards and her daughter Katelyn dropping off 100 cupcakes at the Hollywood Police Dept. for 'Impact 100'
Kelly Edwards and her daughter Katelyn dropping off 100 cupcakes at the Hollywood Police Dept. for ‘Impact 100’

Among them are the Annual Thanksgiving Basket Drive — which is going on now!  You can still help! — the Back-to-School Shopping Spree, Halloween and other Holiday Parties, Classes, Discussions and so much more. They worked with the Miss Hollywood and Miss Florida pageants, and helped build Perry Airport and TY Park.  

“And did you know that the Hollywood Jaycees started the Broward County Fair?” asked Edwards, who said that her favorite project was called Impact 100, in honor of the Jaycees 100th anniversary, where they did all kinds of things “times 100” to impact the community, from feeding 100 hungry people on the streets of Hollywood to leaving 100 anonymous gifts around downtown during ArtWalk to bringing 100 cupcakes to Hollywood’s police and firefighters. 

New and upcoming projects include an affiliation with Wheelchairs for Kids, and this year, they’re working with Leadership Hollywood to create a day at Hollywood Beach for people with disabilities.  And they’re always on the lookout for new ways to be of service, and new people to help them carry out those programs.

In fact, say many, they Hollywood Jaycees are one of the most influential, integral parts of the city, and so many people don’t even know about them! 

So the one thing that’s on the top of the wish list for the power triumvirate, all South Florida natives, as the chapter enters its 76th year, is to spread the word about the many good deeds of the Hollywood Jaycees, and attract some new, powerful, young members.

JCI Hollywood Power Trio: Mahar, Gronvold, Edwards
JCI Hollywood Power Trio: Mahar, Gronvold, Edwards

On November 8th, 2019, in celebration of its 75th anniversary, the chapter will hold a Gala at its clubhouse on Hollywood Boulevard, which itself recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.  For more information on the gala, please email deb@hollywoodfljaycees.com 

At the Gala, the chapter will officially announce its new name, JCI Hollywood, as part of the plan to introduce the organization to a new group of local people who also consider themselves young active citizens who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities. 

“With new people, we will have more ideas and more manpower, and we can make more of a difference,” said Edwards.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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