Hollywood Joins National Effort to Prepare Residents to Stop Blood Loss Due to Trauma

Traumatic injuries caused by accidents or acts of public violence can cause a person to die from blood loss within five minutes. Those in close proximity to life-threatening injuries have proven to be best positioned to provide initial care.

That’s why the City of Hollywood and Memorial Healthcare System obtained grant funding to purchase life-saving bleeding control kits and to train residents and staff with no medical background on how to use them.

Hollywood Fire Rescue has already successfully installed 115 kits in highly-visible locations near existing emergency equipment like fire extinguishers and defibrillators in city facilities such as City Hall, ArtsPark at Young Circle, City Community Centers and in the Public Works Depot. In partnership with Memorial staff, several training sessions were held where residents were able to practice using the first-aid materials found in the kits.

Hollywood Fire Rescue has recently been awarded $73,000 in additional grant funding to purchase over 1600 kits which will be dispersed to each city within Broward County within the next six months.

Fire Rescue is also working with the Broward County School Board in an effort to have two kits installed in every public school in Broward County. Along with the kits, an educational component is being developed to be deployed to the locations where the kits will be housed. Following a needs assessment by individual cities and the school board, kits will be deployed with training to follow.

“The success of the Stop The Bleed program so far in Hollywood has been tremendous. We have the kits in place now, have residents trained to use them and have raised awareness in our community. Since the events in Parkland, our goal now is to expand the program into every city and school in Broward County. We especially want every student and faculty member to have this life-saving tool at their disposal and the knowledge to use it. It’s their action that might help save a life,” said Chris Del Campo, Hollywood Fire Rescue Division Chief.

Hollywood Fire Rescue is also working to secure grant funding to purchase kits for installation in charter and other private schools within the City of Hollywood. Private individuals and parents have also embraced the Stop The Bleed program by donated funding to individual teachers to ensure their child’s classroom is equipped. The kits cost approximately $42.00 each.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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