Hollywood Kids Participate in Virtual Summer Camp Activities

Hollywood kids participate in virtual summer camp activities

Summer is gradually coming to an end and soon young people will be returning to school, which for most will be mean a virtual classroom.

But children are still getting to have some fun even if in a virtual only environment. Because of the pandemic, children could not participate in traditional summer camps. But Hollywood did offer camp activities that children could do online.

There have been activities including the black glue kit art project, hot air balloon writing crafting and paper bag puppets. Children can also learn to make origami crafts and paint on canvas. There have also been programs involving maintaining and forming positive relationships and respecting others. Participants are encouraged to use kind words toward one another.

For the athletic minded there has been the Fit Kids program where participants are encouraged to do jumping jacks, stretches, squats and other physically demanding exercises. There have been classes where kids could learn about doing yoga.

Young people could enjoy some academic challenges including canvas art. They could learn about building bottle rockets and they learn some basic engineering skills by building bridges made from popsicle sticks. They could also complete other mentally challenging activities.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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